We are Theron and Chrissye, a team working together to manage your pet transportation and safety.  Chrissye is a former school bus driver with over 15 years experience in transporting precious cargo.  Theron has over 25 years of experience behind the wheel as well.  We are insured through Lloyds of London for pet transportation.
We are pet owners as well.  We have a Jack Russel named Frodo (he is our youngest daughter Sam's dog- Lord of the Rings- yes, we are nerds) , a Beagle named DD (short for Damn Dog, because.. well, she's a beagle), and a Bulldog named Pepper Potts, because again, we're nerds.  Also, 2 black shorthair cats named Onyx and DC (short for Damn Cat).  We have fostered several dogs over the years and will continue to do so.  We love our animals, and know you do as well.
We are based out of Warrenton, Missouri and work with several local and regional breeders.   
Our kennels are cleaned and sanitized between each trip, and offer a wide range of sizes.  From a comfy cat size all the way up to and XL our eldest's daughter's German Shephard fits nicely. 
We love pets, and while your pet is traveling with us, we love them too.  Please feel free to contact us, our rates are negotiable depending on circumstances.

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